Cosmopolitan Là Gì – Cosmopolitan (Cocktail)

Cosmopolitan Là Gì – Cosmopolitan (Cocktail)

containing people và things from many different parts of the world, or having experience of many different places và things:

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The other group was composed of intellectuals, cosmopolitans, professionals và liberals, those willing lớn live và let live.
They were thus incompatible with politeness, which was allied with the metropolitan và cosmopolitan và the pursuit of a general culture.
However, human ascariasis is cosmopolitan, with infection occurring in both temperate và tropical environments.
I have repeatedly emphasized that the yuppies see và present themselves as cosmopolitan business professionals.
They index participation in the community, in this case cosmopolitan psychiatry, that coopts particular terms for technical use.
A combination of apparent opposites – the provincial và the cosmopolitan – his music appropriates a global sweep of influences without being definable as “world music”.
At the same time they gradually became more cosmopolitan và less influenced by the invasion of new faunas.
All the populations show the presence of the three cosmopolitan inversions, frequencies of which vary among the populations analysed.

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Moreover, this cosmopolitan, domestic species was generally considered of little evolutionary interest because of its stable, man-linked ecological niche.
The brachiopods are either cosmopolitan or endemic và probably new genera; they are therefore biogeographically equivocal.
farklı ülke insan ve kültüründen oluşan, kozmopolit, farklı bir çok kültürü ve ülkeyi içinde barındıran…

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