City Ledger Là Gì – What Is A City Ledger

City Ledger La Gi What Is A City Ledger

City Ledger Là Gì – What Is A City Ledger

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Guest Ledger và City Ledger

Folks who ran hotels in “pre-computer” days frequently ask about a Guest Ledger report, when daily, manually entered, ledgers were used to track what happened each day for each booking. In accounting terms, the traditional “Guest Ledger” is an “accrual” process for managing each booking”s accounting. It serves no useful purpose in a computerized system, except to state what you might eventually make from in house guests. Which will either come true or not, based upon Payments actually issued to future nights that might occur. Instead of using this time-consuming process from pre-computer days, our customers use the TransactionsAdvanced Deposits reports for postingall financial events to their G/L – và then “trust” the Night Audit process to make sure that all rules are being followed properly. The totals (or sub-totals) for each CHARGE và PAYMENT category are entered into the G/L manually (or via an import via tệp tin process) as often as needed. Many customers do this daily/weekly/monthly – we even have customers who do itquarterly. As oftern as your G/L needs proper income amounts, enter the numbers from theTransactions report và update the Advanced Deposits liability account. The best report for “In House” guests và the rates và dates of their stay is found by choosing Reports | Daily Reports | In House. To view the “current ledger” for each in-house guest, view thereport called “In-House Guest Ledger”. What is commonly called a “city ledger” is the A/R (Accounts Receivables) system for Direct Bills, found for your hotel at Front Desk | A/R Accounts. Thể Loại: Giải bày trình diễn Kiến Thức Cộng Đồng

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