Statutory Là Gì – Nghĩa Của Từ Statutory

Statutory Là Gì – Nghĩa Của Từ Statutory

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Bài Viết: Statutory là gì

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When managing agents are dealing with other people”s money, it is vital that this is covered by statutory regulation.

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The government wants lớn increase the turnover threshold above which companies are required lớn have a statutory audit of their annual accounts.
The mạng xã hội salience theory may thus seem reminiscent of the “plain meaning” school of statutory interpretation, but there are important differences.
It clearly allows for the possibility of legislative fallibility; legislators may create statutory rules whose applications they-individually or collectively- understand badly or not at all.
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The statutory notification system offers the potential advantages of being exhaustive và of allowing historical trends lớn be evaluated.
Various adjustments would need lớn be made lớn extend the analysis lớn the role of precedent in statutory interpretation.
The details of healthcare provision are delegated lớn the sickness funds và statutory healthcare physicians.
Federal regulation thus proceeded without the leverage of statutory law, the stronger of these two regulatory traditions.
Nothing in any theory of statutory application-meaning guarantees that every statute has at least some determinate application-meaning at every point in its existence.
This statutory right also included home-help services, transport services, living in service houses và old people”s homes.
Deferential conventions introduce a subtlety và richness into the theory of statutory application that at times mimics applied semantic realism.
It may seem as if statutory application in familiar, mature legal systems uses many deferential conventions.
More specific ones include the metaphysical counterparts of theories of constitutional, statutory, và common-law interpretation.
Although statutory và practical issues led lớn reconsideration of redemption payments, a sense of crisis added urgency lớn the project.
The statutory force of the oath is accomplished by the evocation of these memories in the community which shares them.





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Bài Viết: Statutory Là Gì – Nghĩa Của Từ Statutory

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