Spin Là Gì

Spin Là Gì

spin spin (spĭn) verbspun (spŭn), spinning, spinsverb, transitive1. a. Lớn draw out và twist (fibers) into thread. b. Lớn form (thread or yarn) in this manner.2. Lớn form (a web or cocoon, for example) by extruding viscous filaments. 3. Lớn make or produce by or as if by drawing out và twisting. 4. a. Lớn tell, especially imaginatively: spun tales for the children. b. Lớn prolong or extend: spin out a visit with an old friend.5. Lớn cause lớn rotate swiftly; twirl. 6. Lớn shape or manufacture by a twirling or rotating process. 7. Slang. Lớn play (a phonograph record or records), especially as a disc jockey. verb, intransitive1. Lớn make thread or yarn by drawing out và twisting fibers. 2. Lớn extrude viscous filaments, forming a web or cocoon. 3. Lớn rotate rapidly; whirl. See synonyms at turn. 4. Lớn seem lớn be whirling, as from dizziness; reel: My head spun after doing a cartwheel. 5. Lớn ride or drive rapidly. 6. Lớn fish with a light rod, lure, và line và a reel with a stationary spool. noun1. The act of spinning. 2. A swift whirling motion. 3. A state of mental confusion. 4. Informal. A short drive in a vehicle: took a spin in the new car. 5. The flight condition of an aircraft in a nose-down, spiraling, stalled descent. 6. a. The distinctive complex of connotations or implications inherent in a point of view: “Dryden . . . was adept at putting spin on an apparently neutral recital of facts” (Robert M. Adams). b. Distinctive character; style: an innovative chef who puts a new spin on traditional fare. c. Slang. Interpretation, especially of a politician”s words, promulgated lớn sway public opinion.7. Physics. a. The intrinsic angular momentum of a subatomic particle. Also called spin angular momentum. b. The total angular momentum of an atomic nucleus. c. A quantum number expressing spin angular momentum. phrasal verb.spin offTo derive (a company or product, for example) from something larger. spin outTo rotate out of control, as a skidding car leaving a roadway. idiom.spin (one”s) wheels InformalTo expend effort with no result.

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spinspin(n) point of view, viewpoint, slant, angle, bias, perspective, complexion gyration, rotation, turn, whirl, swirl, twist, twirl, revolution drive, turn, outing, trip, run, jaunt spin(v) turn, rotate, twirl, twist, whirl, revolve, gyrate, swirl

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